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For nearly 25 years now, my day job has been as a graphic designer. Outside of work I have a passion for anything to do with scooters, cycling and art.

About five years ago a friend commissioned me to draw his scooter and provide a high quality print, which he framed to hang pride of place in his new house. With so many compliments about artistic style and all important accuracy of detailing the commissions have now grown to include cars, motor bikes, bicycles and even aeroplanes! And so Draw My Wheels was born, to offer you unique pieces of artwork for you to treasure.

You can view just a few samples of my work on this site. If you would like a totally unique picture of your pride and joy or you are looking for a truly personal present for someone special then get in touch. I will happily talk you through how the process works and and answer any questions you may have.



Firstly get in touch either by email (anytime) or by phone (Mon-Fri 9-5).

We can then discuss the project in more detail,

I then usually ask for photos of your car or bike (the more the better). If I can have photos of the whole vehicle from several angles and then close ups of any customised parts or details that are important to you.

I will work on the artwork and submit a lo-res pdf proof for discussion, make any required changes and once approved go to print.



How much do you charge?
Always a hard question to answer without a full brief. Factors include: Print or canvas size, artwork style, amount of detail required and any custom parts on car/bike that need special attention etc. As a rough guide though the typical cost for a illustration in the 'classic style' is about £160.00 for the illustartion and £40 for an A3 print or £60 for an A3 canvas. A 'PopArt' illustration would usually cost a little less and an 'A2D' would require a full and detailed brief.

How long does an illustration take?
Again this is another hard question to answer without a full brief. Usually about 2-4 weeks (excluding 'A2D' illustrations) from concept to delivery. This can change however, depending on the amount of revisions etc, and my current workload. So, if you are thinking of getting a loved one a special present then try and give me as much notice as possible.

What size are the finished prints?
All printing paper or canvases are individually printed to order so any size really up to 100 x 141 cm for giclée prints and 120 x 200cm for canvases.
(Larger custom canvases are available for bigger projects and other materials are available for exhibition work etc)

Do the prints come with frames?
No, In the past delivering framed prints have been an issue with couriers. Also I think it's always best for you to choose your own frame to match your decor. That said if you just wanted a simple box frame or similar I can offer this service but for pick up only.





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